Friday 31 May 2013


Pay for Play a new erotic anthology from Bold Strokes Book, edited by R Talent, features my new story Sharing the Bill.  The theme of the book is prostitution and paying for sex.  It features twenty hot stories from authors including Landon Dixon, Bearmuffin, Jay Starre and me.

Blurb:  Where the man of your dreams is yours for the right price.

Pay For Play features a collection of well-crafted stories for those men who choose to stay on the legal side of the sex trade by vicariously dabbling into the seedy world of men who pay for their sexual favors from other men.

 My contribution Sharing the Bill is a really wild tale set in Gran Canaria and features three tourists and two local rent boys.  I was inspired to write this one after reading a book of Henry Miller's detailing his crazy exploits with whores and drop outs in 1930s Paris.  Sharing the Bill is a queer, modern day homage to Henry's dirty stories.  It was a lot of fun to write and hope people have as much fun reading it.
Pay for Play is available now in paperback and eBook from all major online retailers.


So what's new?  The great news is I'm balls deep into writing a new novel and it's a hot one.  I don't want to say too much just yet but I'm having the best time with a great set of a characters and a dark, mysterious storyline, packed with sex and danger.  It's not the book I set out to write after Watching Henry Lawton but as often happens with planning, it all went out the window.  An idea came to me that I thought would make a pretty good novella, around the same length as Henry but once I started work the characters and the story have taken over and its shaping into something much bigger.  That's as much as I want to say just now, but it's awesome and I love it.
I've also rediscovered some of my old short stories.  I found a box in the garage of old porn magazines from the 1900s/2000s which featured my writing.  I wrote so many stories back in my twenties, that I can barely remember most of them.  As they are all so long out of print I thought it might be fun to dust some of old tales off and put them out there again.  Later this summer I'll be publishing a budget priced eBook collecting some of the old magazine stories in one volume.
I've also got a story coming out in an anthology from Cleis Press called Steambath, editor Shane Allison, but I understand that's been put back till the autumn.
I've also been giving this blood a spring clean, adding new pages and trying to tidy up the organization.  It's a work in progress but I hope to add more features in the coming weeks.
In the meantime check out Pay for Play and stay safe.

Thom X