Saturday 12 October 2013


I've just published my new story The Leather and the Flesh.

Leather commands. The flesh surrenders.

In a remote mountain village, handsome student JR submits to the training of Sir Blake and his exacting staff of demanding studs.

JR learns the hard way to surrender his body for the ultimate pleasure of other men. He must be always willing, always ready for the oral and anal fulfillment of his masters. It's more than a matter of learning for JR. He wants to be the perfect bottom and whatever challenge Sir Blake sets him, he's determined to prove his worth.



The Leather and the Flesh is a 13000 word BDSM story. Longer then a short story but not quite a novella, it's available at the special low price. In terms of raunch this is pretty out there. Maybe the raunchiest thing I've ever done. Spanking, leather, gang bangs, dildos, daddies: it's got it all then some. I'm really pleased with it and hope others enjoy it.

I've also got another longer length story called Midnight Screening which I'll publish in eBook next month. It's almost finished -- just requiring a final polish and art work.

I'm pleased to be get The Leather and the Flesh out there as I have a bit of down time coming up. At the end of the month I've got a significant but dreaded birthday coming up (the big 4 Oh) so I'm heading off to sea to get away from it all for a couple of weeks. I can't wait. Two weeks on a luxury cruise to just chill out and over indulge. Sun, wine, travel; it doesn't get much better. I'll be taking my Kindle with me and am looking forward to some great reads.

Hopefully 40 won't be that bad. I've seen a lot of friends hit the big number this year and they were all far more stressed than I feel. I'm not that bothered. I found the prospect of turning 30 way more stressy. I accepted the fact I was a boring old fart six or seven years ago, so the official start of middle age is no big deal. Besides as I'm keen to emphasize in my stories : older men are hot.

See you all soon
Thom x

Friday 12 July 2013


Is there a more difficult season than summer for writers?  The days might be longer but the distractions and demands on time seem greater now than the other three seasons combined.  Maybe it's just me but I find it so hard to sit down and focus on my writing when the sun is shining and outdoor life is calling.  Gardening, barbecues, weekends away, holidays -- not to mention the accompanying hangovers.  I've heard that some writers thrive on booze but I'm absolutely lousy with a hangover.

Despite all of the above I'm happy to say I'm still on track with my new novel.  I'm onto the final section of the book and should complete the first draft by the beginning of August.  I wrote the first half at a good pace, while the British weather was still typically dull, but it was more difficult to spend the time I needed every day on the second half.  I can't just blame the weather: I've been only holiday, had renovations at home and became an uncle again.  However they are just excuses and books don't write themselves.  Happily I'm back on track with three chapters to go.

I mentioned in my last post that the novel would the first book in a trilogy.  I don't want to jinx anything until I finish this draft, so I'll post more info about the title and story next month.

Despite enjoying the sun and writing my book, I've also found some precious time to read.  Dale Chase's Crack Shot is available now in paper back and eBook from Bold Strokes Books.  Dale has been a good friend,  ever since we were writing stories for gay mags back in the late 1990s.  I've always been a huge fan and admirer of her writing.  I can't think of another female author who writes gay sex so well.  Her stories are very powerful.  Forget all that soppy M/M romance with the clich├ęd moody tops and angsty bottoms, Dale writes about the real heat and passion between men who love other men.  Crack Shot is a great collection of Western themed erotica.  I would recommend it if you're looking for a blazing hot set of stories to see you though the summer.

Also this week I’ve been reading about a beautiful young man called Jeppe Hanson, who has appeared in some porn movies under the name of Jett Black.  Jeppe is a talented ballet dance who's been forced to give up his position at a Canadian ballet company after it came to light that he'd featured on a few gay websites.  The question that really comes out of the story for me is  - does it really matter what he did before?  It’s been stated that he beat over a 1000 other dancers to win his spot in the company.   If he is such a talented dancer, how does his side line in movies really detract from that?  Jeppe is originally from Denmark and I wonder whether there would have been such a fuss if he was performing in a European ballet company.  I wish him all the best with whatever happens from here.  It's a great story packed with so many of the themes I love to write about: performance, dancing, sex, jealously.  His story is sure to provide great inspiration for one of my future books.

What do you think of Jeppe?  Check out this news link: HERE

Don’t forget the current price promotion on Watching Henry Lawton.  There's only one week left to go.  Next Friday the eBook will revert back to normal price.

Take care everyone

Thom xxx

Friday 14 June 2013


To celebrate the 7th anniversary of my Civil Partnership this weekend, my latest eBook WATCHING HENRY LAWTON will be available for the next four weeks on Amazon for the low price of only $0.99. and 77p in the UK.  If you haven’t already read this sexy novella don’t miss the opportunity to grab a bargain summer read.

It’s been another busy week working on my next novel.  It’s too soon to give anything away yet but I can reveal that the new novel will be the first book in a trilogy of erotic thrillers.  You can expect great characters, mystery, murder and wild wild sex.  I’m halfway through writing the first book now and can’t wait to share more news about the project very soon.
I’m also working through some of my old previously published stories for a new eBook collection.  Some of those tales from the 1990s and early 2000s read in period pieces now in the era of apps, Facebook, Twitter etc.  It’s fun to rediscover these old stories though I must admit I don’t even remember writing some of them.
In the meantime I have to tear myself away from my characters to spend time with my handsome husband.  We’re celebrating our anniversary with a few days away in Edinburgh.  I love this city and can’t wait to get stuck in to the culture and history.  I’m looking forward to some great food, lashings of whisky, taking part in one of their famous ghost walks and spending quality time with the man I love.
It’ll be over before I know it and I’ll be back to work on the book.

Friday 31 May 2013


Pay for Play a new erotic anthology from Bold Strokes Book, edited by R Talent, features my new story Sharing the Bill.  The theme of the book is prostitution and paying for sex.  It features twenty hot stories from authors including Landon Dixon, Bearmuffin, Jay Starre and me.

Blurb:  Where the man of your dreams is yours for the right price.

Pay For Play features a collection of well-crafted stories for those men who choose to stay on the legal side of the sex trade by vicariously dabbling into the seedy world of men who pay for their sexual favors from other men.

 My contribution Sharing the Bill is a really wild tale set in Gran Canaria and features three tourists and two local rent boys.  I was inspired to write this one after reading a book of Henry Miller's detailing his crazy exploits with whores and drop outs in 1930s Paris.  Sharing the Bill is a queer, modern day homage to Henry's dirty stories.  It was a lot of fun to write and hope people have as much fun reading it.
Pay for Play is available now in paperback and eBook from all major online retailers.


So what's new?  The great news is I'm balls deep into writing a new novel and it's a hot one.  I don't want to say too much just yet but I'm having the best time with a great set of a characters and a dark, mysterious storyline, packed with sex and danger.  It's not the book I set out to write after Watching Henry Lawton but as often happens with planning, it all went out the window.  An idea came to me that I thought would make a pretty good novella, around the same length as Henry but once I started work the characters and the story have taken over and its shaping into something much bigger.  That's as much as I want to say just now, but it's awesome and I love it.
I've also rediscovered some of my old short stories.  I found a box in the garage of old porn magazines from the 1900s/2000s which featured my writing.  I wrote so many stories back in my twenties, that I can barely remember most of them.  As they are all so long out of print I thought it might be fun to dust some of old tales off and put them out there again.  Later this summer I'll be publishing a budget priced eBook collecting some of the old magazine stories in one volume.
I've also got a story coming out in an anthology from Cleis Press called Steambath, editor Shane Allison, but I understand that's been put back till the autumn.
I've also been giving this blood a spring clean, adding new pages and trying to tidy up the organization.  It's a work in progress but I hope to add more features in the coming weeks.
In the meantime check out Pay for Play and stay safe.

Thom X

Tuesday 26 March 2013


My new eBook Watching Henry Lawton is available right now on Amazon and Smashwords and should be hitting other on-line retailers in the next week or two.  Watching Henry Lawton is a novella length story of 28,000 words.  It explores a young man’s obsession with exhibitionism and his kinky relationship with an older photographer.  Henry loves to show off his body – especially his big juicy butt – and Iain Stirling loves to watch him.
Available from:
I hope you enjoy the new book.  It’s just the right length if you’re looking for a fast and sexy read.
Other news:  My writing hasn’t quite gone the way I planned since finishing Henry Lawton.  The longer length novel I wanted to start wasn’t ready to thrill me.  The outline needs a little more attention and my research could use more time.  It’s a big book I and I don’t want to dive into it unprepared.  Instead I’ve been working on a couple of stories for next erotic collection.
I’ve also decided to spend some time on my other genre writing.  I’ve had most success with erotic fiction but I also love horror, particularly ghost stories.  I woke up a couple of weeks ago from a particularly scary and disturbing dream.  I wrote it all down the next day and my imagination took over, developing a modern day ghost story.  I’m right at the point that I want to dive in and take it further.  My subconscious is doing a lot of the work and the characters are beginning to form.  I’ve got some time off work this month so I want to work on those ideas and see what develops.  I’m not sure yet what it’s going to be – a short story, novella or full length novel – but it will be fun finding out. 


Friday 15 March 2013


Hi guys

Today I'm excited to announce the details of my new book Watching Henry Lawton.

Henry Lawton is an exhibitionist. On-line, in pictures or in person, he loves to be watched. When he is introduced to Iain Stirling – artist and photographer – it seems like all of his dreams have come true. Iain wants to take pictures for his latest exhibition. Henry quickly realises that nothing is too extreme or explicit for Iain's unique brand of photography. But as he poses for the domineering older man, the exhibitionist quickly realises that being watched isn't always enough. Not when the photographer awakens deeper desires - desires he didn't even know he harboured – until now.

Watching Henry Lawton is a 28000 word erotic novella from the acclaimed author of The Sex Cabaret and Bedtime Stories exploring themes of exhibitionism, voyeurism, submission and domination.
The book will be available in all ebook formats from week commencing 25th March 2013.
This is the first book I've written of novella length.  In the past, when writing for traditional publishers, I found my word length was dictated by the publishers looking for short stories or novels of 75000 to 85000 words.  With Watching Henry Lawton I wrote the book to the length it needed to be, without padding or ruthless cutting.  As both a writer and a reader I think 25000 to 35000 words is a wonderful if not perfect length for erotic fiction.  I'm really pleased with the finished book -- and my beautiful cover boy.  I can't wait until you start reading it.
Ryan's Secret is still available for free over at  The book is currently available on Amazon at the minimum price of $0.99.  I'm hoping it will also be availabe free there very soon.

Friday 1 March 2013


All of my e-books are now available in standard digital formats to suit most e-readers, including the free e-book Ryan’s Secret. Previously the books were exclusive to Amazon and Kindle but are now listed at Smashwords in multiple formats including Kindle, EPUB, PDF, RTF etc.

Check them out right: here

The books will appear on sites including Barnes and Noble, I-tunes etc in the coming weeks.

Thanks to everyone who has downloaded and enjoyed Ryan’s Secret. If you enjoyed the story please take a few minutes to post your on-line reviews. However brief, every review and rating helps.

All of my books are now available digitally with the exception of my 2003 novel The Chain. As it’s the 10th anniversary of the book I want to do something special for its digital release: a special edition which will feature the original text together with a 2013 “reboot” including new scenes and related short stories. The tentative publication date for this new edition of The Chain is August 2013.

The other exciting news if that my new novella WATCHING HENRY LAWTON is almost ready to go. I’ve just completed the third draft of the book which I started writing last autumn. Watching Henry Lawton is a raunchy story of obsession, voyeurism and spanking featuring two very sexy characters Henry Lawton and Iain Stirling. I became more than a little infatuated with Henry and his voluptuous arse when writing the story and I hope many of you will too. I’m working on the format and artwork right now and the book will be released just in time for Easter. I’ll post further information right here over the next few weeks.

I’m also busy making plans for my next books. In a slight change of pace and genre my next erotic project will be a gay romance (M/M). There will still be plenty of raunchy sex but I want to write something that is more focused on the relationship between two men as they fall in love. One of my favourite short stories is Daddy Fuller in Bedtime Stories where I touched upon love and romance and I want to explore those themes in a larger, more detailed storyline. Right now it’s shaping up to be something of novella length, but the story and characters could still dictate something bigger.  Who knows; I certainly don't which is part of the fun and excitement.

I’ve also written a couple of short stories for my third, as yet untitled story collection.

Monday 18 February 2013



Ryan James is an average boy; fit, good looking and looking forward to his forthcoming wedding to Michelle.  But Ryan has a big secret: a deep infatuation with another man.  Not just any man but Alfie Garcia – the world’s top gay porn model and star of the outrageous live show The Sex Cabaret.  With his wedding day looming Ryan’s secret threatens to overwhelm him and put everything he values in jeopardy.

 Check out the links to the right for this free 6000 word prequel to my novel The Sex Cabaret.  This e-book is available in Kindle and PDF versions and contains a preview chapter of The Sex Cabaret and an exclusive author Q&A.

The Sex Cabaret is available now at:

Saturday 19 January 2013


It's been a couple weeks since my last update. The reason for this is that I've been hard at work on my new novella "Watching Henry Lawton" and am happy to report that the first draft is complete -- woohoo. It's always a thrill to reach the end of a story and type THE END. The initial elation is often short lived as the realisation dawns that there is still a huge amount of work to do before the story is ready for anyone to read, but I always enjoy it while it lasts and celebrate with a few drinks. For now the manuscript will be put aside for a few weeks while I concentrate on other matters. I've narrowed the choice of artwork for Henry Lawton down to two images and three different designs. I'll post the final image right here as soon as the decision is made.

While Henry waits I'm busy researching and planning my next book, which won't be strictly an erotic novel, but will feature plenty of sex. It's shaping up to be pretty epic -- a story spanning five decades of love, lust, success, deception, greed and revenge. I'm working on some wonderful characters and hoping to capture the spirit of the 70s and 80s "bonkbusters" I love so much by authors like Harold Robbins and Jackie Collins.
I'm also working on a couple of short stories including “Ryan’s Secret” which is a spin off tale from "The Sex Cabaret". I'll be posting Ryan’s Secret right here as a free ebook as soon as it’s finished and edited as a thank you to everyone who has downloaded and read my books.  Look out for that very soon.

So it's all work at the minute but in the best possible way.  With the snow coming down heavily today, it’s a perfect time to stay at home and write.
I'm looking forward to a luxury weekend away at the beginning of February but until then I'll be flat out working on these projects. I love how "Watching Henry Lawton" has turned out and can't wait publish it later this year.

Take care and stay safe.

Thom X

Saturday 5 January 2013


Happy New Year Readers. I hope you all had a wonderful time over the holiday period and are refreshed for 2013.

While not exactly rested after a very merry New Year I must admit I'm really looking forward to the next year and all the things I have planned. This week I got straight back into work on my new novella Watching Henry Lawton. I couldn't wait to get back to the characters after a few days off and I'll be going into lock down throughout January until the first draft is finished. That's my favourite way to work on a first draft - exclude all else and get on with telling the story. The new book is quite different to anything else I've written -- a little darker -- a little kinkier -- I can't wait for people to read it when it's published this summer.

I’d like to set up a proper website for my books but as even this blog is technically beyond me, I’ll have to find a company who can do that for me.

I'll also be working on a special edition of my old novel The Chain, hopefully that will come out around its 10th anniversary in November..

I had an excellent time in 2012 with my self-published books - learning the process and gaining confidence -- this is something I want to expand upon this year with new stories and adventures. Additionally I would really like to broaden my horizons. There's a significant birthday coming up in October and I have a number of things I would really like to achieve before that big day arrives. I want to write a new novel in a different genre and this will be my biggest project of 2013. I've begun preparing character notes and the storyline, which has already grown pretty big. Once I start writing, I expect this book will occupy most of my time this year.

Hopefully it won't all be writing and I'll have time to read some great books. Already on my reading list I have:

The Power Trip - Jackie Collins (I’m half way through already and LOVE it)
Emmanuelle - Emmanuelle Arsan
The Mist in The Mirror - Susan Hill
Savages - Shirley Conran
Sins - Judith Gould
The Bitch - Jackie Collins

Several of Harold Robbins old novels have recently been published as e-books and I'll definitely be checking those out too.

So back to work for now.  Don’t forget Body Language is still available at a special low price on Amazon.

 Love Thom