Thursday 18 June 2020

INDULGE Volume 2 Gallery

Indulge Volume 2 is out now. If you enjoyed the stories in the book you might like to check out the gallery below if the original magazines where they first appeared.

1: Did It Again. Indulge For Men Issue 032. September 1998. Cover Model: Derek Cameron.

2: Drunk. Indulge For Men Issue 046. January 2002. Cover Model: Simon Church. Artist: Kent

3: Power Bottom. Inches June 2002.  Cover model: Donvan. Artist: Steven B'Way

4: Rendezvous At Sunset. In Touch For Men Issue 301. Ju;y 2002. Cover model: Oleg Vorobyiew. Artist: ean Platter.

5: Tony's Fuck House. In Touch For Men Issue 310. August 2003. Cover model: Joshua Berlin. Artist: Rene Capone

INDULGE Volume 2 Is available now

Thursday 11 June 2020

INDULGE Volume 1 Gallery

Indulge Volume 1 is out now, a collection of classic erotica stories first published in the 1990s and early 2000s. As a companion piece to the stories, I want to share with you some of the images from the original magazines to enhance the experience and give a flavour of what things were like in the classic era of the skin mag.

Story 1: Back Streets and Bedrooms.  Indulge for Men Issue 061 – April 2001. Artwork by Sean Platter. Cover model: Tanner Hayes



Story 2: Dutch Treat   Indulge for Men Issue 051 – June 2000.  Artwork by Steven. Cover model Austin Reeves


Story 3: Jordan.  In Touch For Men Issue 270 – December 1999. Artwork by Kent. Cover model Chance Carter

Story 4:State of Temptation. Indulge for Man Issue May 1999 Art work by Skibbo. Cover model Joel Stevens

Story 5: Pretty Little Pup In T9uch For Men Issue 299 Artwork by Kent. Cover model Tully










Wednesday 10 June 2020


Thom Collins returns with an original collection of hot erotic fiction.

Vance has always wanted to be in porn but knows he doesn’t have the physique for it. His big, burly frame is nothing like the ripped young men taking the industry by storm. With six-packs all the rage, his dad-bod doesn’t stand a chance. Or so he thinks. Tastes are changing and diversity has never been more popular. Vance is about to discover that a guy in his forties is even more desirable than those hot young models. 

Daddies, bears, cubs and studs:  crackling with sexual energy and desire. Thom Wolf's latest collection of red hot stories celebrate body positivity and the shameless appeal of older men.