Saturday 26 November 2011


My new book Bedtime Stories is now available on Amazon.  Right here:

Readers can preview the book on-line or download a sample for free.
There’s been so much hard work involved putting this collection together, I’m thrilled that it’s finally available.  A massive THANK YOU to Kevin Killian for all his help and encouragement with the book.  You are amazing and I owe you big time.

As a thank you everyone else here is a promo story called The Performance.  It’s not included in the book and is available exclusively in PDF format here:

 Two older stories Night Life and Show Off are also still available for free.

Thursday 24 November 2011


The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.  How very true.  After months of hard work the eventual publication date of Bedtime Stories continues to shift for more reasons than I care to mention, none of which were foreseen (arson, stress, legalities).  Writing the stories for this collection now seems like the smallest aspect of the process to publication.

However, the good news is the book is just about there and should be uploading to Amazon in the new few days.  I’m also a third of the way through the final proofing of my second story collection Body Language and that is looking very good.  Hopefully it will have an easier journey into the world than its older brother.

In the meantime here is the next instalment of my interview with the wonderful Kevin Killian in which were talk about The Boy in the Middle and Afternoon Interlude.

Story 5: The Boy in the Middle
Kevin: You write so beautifully: “He wore a pair of cheap blue shorts which slipped from his arse with a whisper “ Similarly, “I opened him, looking into the hairy crack, at the rosy pink hole in the black.” Thom, if you still have those cheap, blue, shorts that whisper, could you pack them up and send them to me here in San Francisco. I'm a sucker for a good souvenir.
Thom:  If I had them, you could have them, but I’m not a cheap shorts kind of guy.  And if I was on a sexual mission I would wear my very best “pulling pants”.  You must have got going with a really dishy guy before; it’s all going well, he’s handsome, he’s sexy, you’re cock feels like it’s going to burst, you pulls his trousers down and find . . .  really bad, cheap underwear. 

I once got going with a guy who not only wore cheap nasty pants, but he was wearing them inside out.  All I could wonder was whether he was wearing a dirty pair for a second day.  It was a big turn off.  I’ve never found a way to eroticise that particular encounter.

Kevin:  Seems like there's nothing some boys want more than a good "roasting," plugged up at both ends by a pair of cocks, but I'm wondering, does sex with a third party bring a couple closer together?

Thom:  It definitely can.  I think it’s important for couples to choose another man they both really fancy, who also fancies both of them.  Then it’s wonderful and exciting and a great experience to share.

But if one side of the triangle isn’t too keen on the idea, I wouldn’t even try it.  In those cases a threesome can be a disaster with all kinds of messy repercussions for the relationship. 

My other “golden rule” for couples and threesomes: pick someone who can also take a hint when it’s time to leave.

Kevin:  You're great at delineating this one sort of character, the young man so driven by sex that he starts to lose other parts of his personality.  The boy, Jared, is one of your most unforgettable creations.

 Thom:  Thank you.  There was a lot of Jared in me when I was young.  Thankfully that was a very, very long time ago.  I actually wrote a story that I was going to include in this book but when I came to redraft it, I was appalled at how accurately it portrayed me and some of the men I knew at a difficult time of my life.  It was about 18 years ago and I thought writing about it would be a good way of accepting the past.  But when I came to look at the story again there was no way I could expose myself like that.

I’d rather send Jared into the world; a sexy, glamorised version of the fucked up kid I used to be.

Story 6: Afternoon Interlude

Kevin: Viva Barcelona! Mr. Wolf, have you often crossed borders for the purpose of having sex? Here in the US we have a term for men like you: sex tourists.
Thom: I wouldn't call myself a "sex tourist" but we have a saying too that goes "What happens on holiday stays on holiday", which is a licence to do what the hell you like. I've been lucky enough to go to Barcelona three times and it's a fantastic city. Just being there makes you want sex; the sights, the smells, the culture. And Spanish men are without a doubt, the sexiest in the world.  After my second visit I knew I had to set a story there.  Someday I hope to write a longer, more involve piece about the city.

Kevin: I like it when you speak in the universal language of love, and this story really has a lot of highlights. You said earlier that men in cheap underwear turn you off, but it seems like the geeky nerd look is a real turn-on, especially when the foreign national is wearing chinos moulded to his butt.
Thom: This is another old story, I can't remember but chinos might have made a brief fashion comeback around the time I was writing. They should be a fashion staple in my opinion. Chinos are hot, especially on a beefy bum and sturdy set of thighs. I also love a geeky nerd.

Going off on a tangent here but I get turned on by differences; big and small, black and white, old and young. There are several extremely popular porn sites on line that leave me utterly cold with their narrow view of what they consider to be attractive. I call them the Stepford Twinks; identikit bodies, waxed, hard and white. It's almost as if they keep putting a different head on the exact same body. Who exactly wants to fuck that? It would be like cuddling up to an ironing board. It's rather creepy. I'd much rather see a man with a hairy back, or a slight belly, or a bit of puppy fat on a twink. Between Bedtime Stories and my next collection Body Language I really hope I've succeeded in getting a bit of variety into my men and celebrating difference.

Kevin: The elbows and knees interplay was particularly swift here, and once or twice I had to draw a diagram to see who was on top of whom. You must love the afternoon sun, I loved the hero watching sweat break out on the small of Ettore's back. It's the simplicity of your sense observations that make them powerful--who was it said, that God is "in the details."

Thom: Maybe it's the sun that makes Spain such a gloriously sexy place. Where I live in England we average about one good week of sun per year, which makes a two week holiday to somewhere hot an essential for most Brits.

It's also the little things that make a scene sexy for me, like the sweat on the small of someone’s back. I find that when I'm watching porn too, I focus on the little things; a patch of hair, a freckle, maybe the imprint of a guys underwear in his flesh. I find all those little details arousing. Basically I want anything but the banality of a Stepford Twink.

Friday 11 November 2011


It’s with regret that I have to announce a slight delay in the publication of Bedtime Stories.  The e-book should have been available on Amazon from Monday 14th November.   Unfortunately an arson attack on my office has meant a delay in the final stages of uploading the book to Amazon.  I intend to make the delay as slight as possible and am working full out to  have the book on line my Monday 21st November – only one week late.

In the meantime here is part two of my interview with the wonderful Kevin Killian.

Part Two

Story 3: The Dump

Kevin: In "The Dump" the narrator answers a post on a blog to come and "Pump and Dump" a load during the blogger's three-night weekend party. Just come to the door, it will sway open unlocked, no conversation, just come in and fuck me and leave. The promise of a gorgeous and unguarded arse lures our narrator into a seedy paradise. Does he go tempted by the idea that other men will have been there before him and after him?

Thom: I think the allure of a one bottom gang bang must be in knowing you're stuffing your dick into sloppy seconds, thirds etc. It's all part of the experience. Different things turn on different people. I once met a man in a sauna who didn't want to fuck a tight hole - he was only interested in messed up, sloppy orifices.

Kevin: I'm not keen on this fetish, but you write so viscerally that I feel like I'm there and despite myself, I'm getting turned on. Next time I see a half-open door and hear what you call the "rhythmic fuck-slap  of skin against skin," I'm going in What's the appeal to this setup, Mr. Wolf?

Thom: There's a lot of stuff on line that really plays up the come loaded/breeding aspect of this kind of scenario. I have really mixed and contradictory feelings about this kind of scene. On one hand it's quite hot to see a cute guy being used so mercilessly for a fuck, but on the other it's insanely dangerous. Who in their right mind wants to die for the sake of a sexual thrill? I wanted to write a slutty bottom story in that mold, without fetishising the "bareback" elements of the tale. There is something inherently sexy about being used by men in this way; no romance, no chat, no dinner, they don't even care if you enjoy it or not - they just want to fuck you.

There's a famous hotel in Blackpool that has gained a sleazy reputation over the years for this kind of behaviour. Guests are encouraged to leave their bedroom doors open and see what the night brings them. The idea of the advertising your arse over a blog comes direct from real life when I saw just such a blog entry from a young man inviting strangers to pay him a visit for no other reason than to rape him. I think its the danger I find so exiting (in fiction); the contrast between sex and death. In reality I want the chat, romance and dinner.

Story 4:  Bedtime Story

Kevin: In "Bedtime Story" our hero writes himself into an erotic frenzy, pounding the laptop with a story about sex in a farmhouse with an available twink. Just when he finishes the draft, there's a dramatic pounding on his front door. I love the image of the writer getting aroused from his own writing. It's almost as if he has summoned his midnight visitor out of his own imagination—a theme you have explored before in your first novel Words Made Flesh. Any comments?

Thom:  I hadn't really made the connection between Bedtime Story and Words Made Flesh. In Flesh the midnight visitor is literary creation brought to life, where in Bedtime Gordon is a very real person. Bedtime Story is actually the oldest entry in the book, originally written around 2003, so maybe the horny writer, pounding his fantasies into reality, was a preoccupation of mine at the time. In the old days my working style was very much like we see in the story; a germ of an idea would be bashed out in a frenzied writing session of three or four hours, from start to finish. So I probably got myself in a quite a heightened state of arousal, blurring fantasy and reality. The first draft of Words Made Flesh was written in about four weeks, which sounds impossible.

Nowadays it can take me four weeks just to complete a short story.

Kevin: Again the hero has sex with a married man who comes to him for the kind of sex his wife won't give him. This one time they're about to spend all night together, a first in an affair which takes place on stolen afternoons. Is our hero falling for Gordon? Is there love, or only the animal sex they enjoy together?

Thom:  There’s a bond between them that goes a bit deeper than sex, but I don’t think its love.  I think there’s greed and selfishness on both side of the relationship.  They both want convenient sex and don’t really care where they get it from.  They are just a pair of very horny blokes.

Kevin: Is there a Madonna reference in the name of your "Bedtime Story"?

Thom:  Not really, though I’ve never been shy of stealing song titles in the past.  This story used to be called Coming Back for More, which is probably a different song title.  I changed it to Bedtime Story when I decided on Bedtime Stories as an umbrella title for the collection.  Again, this was my inner geek telling me I had to have a title story to give the collection some coherence.  I can’t get past things like that.

As for Madonna’s Bedtime Stories, that’s my second favourite album of hers, right behind Erotica.  I think a lot of her albums are great when I first hear them but they don’t really stand the test of time.  After a while a usual just play one or two tracks, but Bedtime Stories and Erotica are fab long players and I still listen to the both in full.

Tuesday 8 November 2011

THOM WOLF An Interview by Kevin Killian

Part One

In this exclusive interview Thom and Kevin Killian discuss the stories that make up Thom’s long awaited collection of erotic fiction Bedtime Stories.

White Sheets

Kevin: Mr. Wolf, the boy in the story looks to my mind just like the model on the cover of your book. He's adorable. Which came first? Did you write the story, then find the model, or find the model, then write the story around him. Either way there's something magical about your writing, like a spell is being cast.

Thom: White Sheets was the last story I wrote for the book. I had pretty much made the final selection of stories and thought I was finished when I began to look for a cover image which would represent the theme of Bedtime Stories. I considered a lot of different pictures and models, all of which would have made incredible artwork, but when I discovered the boy who now adorns the cover it was love at first sight. I always knew that photo would be the cover.

But once I had this glorious cover I began to think differently about the content of the book. I'm one of those people who gets quite irate when a movie poster, or a book or dvd cover doesn't represent the product you're buying. A good example is the poster for the 1976 remake of King Kong. There's Kong, straddling the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre and tearing helicopters down from the sky; which doesn't happen in the film. Or the shark on the poster for Jaws represents a beast about 200 feet long, compared to the 25 foot creature in the film. So in order to keep myself happy, I wanted a story that could be a reflection of the cover.

That boy was a very easy Muse. He's so handsome and fresh faced. I have another picture of him which is a glorious close up of his face that just makes me melt. I carried around copies of his pictures in my note book for a couple of days and the character began to grow from there. The opening story is a piece of pure fantasy and wishful thinking on my part. It was a delight to write and it felt like a great beginning to the book. I love it.

Kevin: How did you create the character of Henry, the man approaching middle age who has sort of given up on sex—even though he has a huge cock, the kind guys get hooked on—until he encounters the springtime freshness of Josh?

Henry is more of an autobiographical character (minus the Kong cock). I've been in a relationship for 16 years, unlike Henry, but I'm in my late thirties. When I was younger and used to go out with my husband a lot, we were a couple of hot young things who always got plenty of attention. Then something terrible seemed to happen around the age of 33 and we vanished off the radar. Nobody looks at guys our age in a sexual way. At the gym, on holiday, in bars - we ceased to exist. I've never really understood that because I've always been attracted to older men. The mid thirties are a funny time for a gay man; I'm no longer a twink, but neither am I mature enough to pass for a daddy. And then a third voice is telling me I shouldn't have to define myself by such labels anyway.

That's really where the character of Henry is too. He can't be bothered with the chase anymore and wasting time on guys who aren't worth the effort. He shares a lot of my middle-aged angst, though because of his massive tool he'll never be short of attention at the gym.
A lot of the stories in this book feature intergenerational sex in one way or another. That's not something I intentionally set out to deal with, but it's a theme that runs though my recent writing. Daddy Fuller, the story which bookends this collection with White Sheets, explores another older/younger relationship but this time from the perspective of the boy.
Story 2:    Man of The Hour

Kevin:  In "The Man of the Hour," we meet Oliver, a gay thrillseeker who cruises for married straight men at christenings. In the US, I've been to many christenings but have never met anyone that way. He winds up with the godfather and has sex with him outside the windows of the catering hall where the party is taking place. I have to ask, is there something extra thrilling about sex in consecrated places?

Thom: I suppose for some people there must be, but with this story I was exploring the motivation that some gay men have for wanting to have sex with "straight" men. I've known several guys who fixate on married men to the exclusion of any other kind of relationship. As if the "straightness" of the married man makes him a far more worthy sexual partner. The ideal for the christening angle came about earlier this year when I was attending a christening in York. I was bored out of my mind as we launched into the third lengthy hymn. As I looked around the church, from one handsome man to another - all dressed up in their best suits - my dirty mind began to wander.

Oliver goes on to have an hour-at-a-time affair with married Jonathyn. But we detect something sort of sad about him, as though he had always been chary of emotional commitment, and now he's developing a bit of a crush on a married man. You're married yourself, Thom, are you any harder to get than Jonathyn? Are you a heartbreaker like he is?
Thom:  I'm extremely hard to get; completely out of reach for a predator like Oliver. I've been in the same relationship for over 16 years. I'm actually quite old fashioned in my thinking towards marriage - it's the biggest commitment someone can make to another person, and it shouldn't be entered into lightly. Jonathyn and Oliver are fantasy figures, though they are both grounded in reality and inspired by real people, but the reality of situations like this is that people get hurt. Playing with other peoples emotions for a thrill is not something I would ever contemplate in real life. Originally the story was actually quite a bit longer than this, with a couple of none sex scenes in the middle where Oliver questioned his motivations further. I cut them because they didn't really add to the story and I just wanted to get on with the sex.  That’s what we’re here for.
Part Two of this exclusive interview coming soon.

BEDTIME STORIES will be available as an e-book from Amazon from 14th November 2011

Friday 4 November 2011

SHOW OFF Free E-book

Just over a week to go until the publication of my new collection Bedtime Stories.

To whet your appetite for the new book I've upload a brand new e-book in PDF format.

I'll also be posting an interview conducted by world famous author Kevin Killian, in which we discuss Bedtime Stories in great depth.  Look out for part one of this interview on-line in the next couple of days.  In the meantime click below to download and enjoy: