Thom Collins returns with an original collection of hot erotic fiction.

Vance has always wanted to be in porn but knows he doesn’t have the physique for it. His big, burly frame is nothing like the ripped young men taking the industry by storm. With six-packs all the rage, his dad-bod doesn’t stand a chance. Or so he thinks. Tastes are changing and diversity has never been more popular. Vance is about to discover that a guy in his forties is even more desirable than those hot young models. 

Daddies, bears, cubs and studs:  crackling with sexual energy and desire. Thom Wolf's latest collection of red hot stories celebrate body positivity and the shameless appeal of older men.




In his youth Blake Powell was an actor, the handsome star of a dozen teen movies. Now in his forties, he still possesses the matinee idol good looks that made him a star back then. But movies and acting are all in the past, these days Blake is an acclaimed chef and restaurateur. Despite the success of his second career, his personal life is not so steady. His boyfriend Charlie is into drink, drugs and boys half his age. Blake has had enough.

The invitation to be guest of honour at a special screening of one of his movies is just what Blake needs: a short break away from Charlie. One of his early films The Burning Man has transcended its roots as a cheap horror film to become a cult favourite. Two decades later the film has reached a new audience of enthusiastic fans.

Twenty year old student Tim Aston is one of those fans. From the first time he saw the film, the naked image of screen hunk Blake has fuelled a million fantasies. Tim can't resist the opportunity. The late night screening will allow him to meet his idol at last.

Only Blake is not the same as the fresh faced hunk on screen. Older, smarter, sexier; Blake Powell is more handsome than ever. And Tim's fantasies are about to come true.

A scorching novella from the author of The Sex Cabaret and The Leather and the Flesh. Approximately 13K words.


Leather commands. The flesh surrenders.
In a remote mountain village, handsome student JR submits to the training of Sir Blake and his exacting staff of demanding studs.
JR learns the hard way to surrender his body for the ultimate pleasure of other men. He must be always willing, always ready for the oral and anal fulfilment of his masters. It's more than a matter of learning for JR. He wants to be the perfect bottom and whatever challenge Sir Blake sets him, he's determined to prove his worth.
A 13,000 word BDSM story from the author of The Sex Cabaret and Words Made Flesh.
Bonus content: includes the opening chapter of his erotic novella Watching Henry Lawton.




Henry Lawton is an exhibitionist. On-line, in pictures or in person, he loves to be watched. When he is introduced to Iain Stirling – artist and photographer – it seems like all of his dreams have come true. Iain wants to take pictures for his latest exhibition. Henry quickly realises that nothing is too extreme or explicit for Iain's unique brand of photography. But as he poses for the domineering older man, the exhibitionist quickly realises that being watched isn't always enough. Not when the photographer awakens deeper desires - desires he didn't even know he harboured – until now.

Watching Henry Lawton is a 28000 word erotic novella from the acclaimed author of The Sex Cabaret and Bedtime Stories exploring themes of exhibitionism, voyeurism, submission and domination.               

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Young and naive, Daniel Higgins, is drawn into a world that will challenge his inhibitions and ideals. Taking a job at The Viaduct, he is introduced to The Sex Cabaret -- a spectacle of erotica and exhibitionism like nothing he has seen before.

Clive Bronsan is a successful lawyer, happy with his family and achievements, until a visit to the cabaret reveals what has been missing from his life. When the curtain rises, everything Clive holds important will be changed forever.

Alfie Garcia's drop dead looks have made him the biggest gay porn star in Europe and the cabaret's reigning show boy. Men travel from all over the country to see him perform, but are any of them really interested in the man behind the visage?

As the lives these characters intertwine sex, love, desire, jealousy, fame, ambition and violence all play their part in a highly charge novel of eroticism and sensuality.

Three fates collide when the curtain goes up on The Sex Cabaret.
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The second collection of erotic fiction from the author of BEDTIME STORIES, WORDS MADE FLESH and THE CHAIN.

In “The New Puppy” two older tops get to know Dave’s insatiable new boyfriend Chad. Married business man Tony meets Lucas at the exclusive Regent Hotel for a night of executive relief in “The Night Porter”. Two strangers find warmth together one cold October night in “The Boy at The Farm”.

Other stories include: “Body Language”, “Lose Control”, “Man Machine”, “Ghost of an Image”, “Karnstein”, “Secret Rendezvous”, “Vanilla Latte” and the bonus story “Show Off”.

Leather men, wandering husbands, eternally young vampire twinks and romantic lovers are among the men vividly conjured up in the eleven stories that comprise Thom Wolf’s boundary pushing collection “BODY LANGUAGE”.

This book is specially formatted for Kindle, with an active table of contents.

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The author of the classic erotic novels WORDS MADE FLESH and THE CHAIN publishes his first collection of short stories. Thom Wolf has long been one of the most compelling and forceful writers of homoerotic fiction; now he unleashes ten new boundary pushing tales of sex and desire.

In “White Sheets” Henry has almost given up on sex, until he encounters Josh, a stunning ex-army boy who reawakens his dormant passion. A middle aged couple’s quiet world is changed forever by Jared, “The Boy in the Middle”, while sexual tension, violence and murder lie at the heart of “The Dark Room”.

Other stories include: “Man of the Hour”, “The Dump”, “Bedtime Story”, “Too Far Gone”, “Mighty Fine” and “Daddy Fuller”.

Ranging from first time encounters to meaningful relationships, public exhibitionism to late night intimacy; the new book by Thom Wolf is an arousing collection for those who glory in the joy of gay erotica and a sweaty celebration of sex between men.

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THE CHAIN (2003)


Dale joins a group where 'anything is possible' and soon becomes entangled in a complex web of obsession. He develops a fixation on one of the members of the group - a young married man with an insatiable appetite for extreme sex. But where will it end?

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Best-selling novelist Glenn Holden has an appreciation for the rougher side of sex. But when a handsome stranger breaks into his house claiming to be a character from one of Glenn's own thrillers, the author is suddenly thrust into a surreal sexual adventure that goes further than the concoctions of his own dirty mind - a bizarre world full of mysterious men and even wilder sex.

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