Friday 12 July 2013


Is there a more difficult season than summer for writers?  The days might be longer but the distractions and demands on time seem greater now than the other three seasons combined.  Maybe it's just me but I find it so hard to sit down and focus on my writing when the sun is shining and outdoor life is calling.  Gardening, barbecues, weekends away, holidays -- not to mention the accompanying hangovers.  I've heard that some writers thrive on booze but I'm absolutely lousy with a hangover.

Despite all of the above I'm happy to say I'm still on track with my new novel.  I'm onto the final section of the book and should complete the first draft by the beginning of August.  I wrote the first half at a good pace, while the British weather was still typically dull, but it was more difficult to spend the time I needed every day on the second half.  I can't just blame the weather: I've been only holiday, had renovations at home and became an uncle again.  However they are just excuses and books don't write themselves.  Happily I'm back on track with three chapters to go.

I mentioned in my last post that the novel would the first book in a trilogy.  I don't want to jinx anything until I finish this draft, so I'll post more info about the title and story next month.

Despite enjoying the sun and writing my book, I've also found some precious time to read.  Dale Chase's Crack Shot is available now in paper back and eBook from Bold Strokes Books.  Dale has been a good friend,  ever since we were writing stories for gay mags back in the late 1990s.  I've always been a huge fan and admirer of her writing.  I can't think of another female author who writes gay sex so well.  Her stories are very powerful.  Forget all that soppy M/M romance with the clich├ęd moody tops and angsty bottoms, Dale writes about the real heat and passion between men who love other men.  Crack Shot is a great collection of Western themed erotica.  I would recommend it if you're looking for a blazing hot set of stories to see you though the summer.

Also this week I’ve been reading about a beautiful young man called Jeppe Hanson, who has appeared in some porn movies under the name of Jett Black.  Jeppe is a talented ballet dance who's been forced to give up his position at a Canadian ballet company after it came to light that he'd featured on a few gay websites.  The question that really comes out of the story for me is  - does it really matter what he did before?  It’s been stated that he beat over a 1000 other dancers to win his spot in the company.   If he is such a talented dancer, how does his side line in movies really detract from that?  Jeppe is originally from Denmark and I wonder whether there would have been such a fuss if he was performing in a European ballet company.  I wish him all the best with whatever happens from here.  It's a great story packed with so many of the themes I love to write about: performance, dancing, sex, jealously.  His story is sure to provide great inspiration for one of my future books.

What do you think of Jeppe?  Check out this news link: HERE

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Take care everyone

Thom xxx