About me:
I'm Thom Wolf and I'm an author of erotic gay fiction.  I live in the beautiful County of Durham in the North East of England.  2014 will be the twentieth anniversary of my first published story.  I've written short stories and novels for magazines and publishers in the UK and USA and more recently I've self-published my own works direct to eBook.  Over the years I've written fiction in other genres and styles but I always return to erotica.

My Writing:
I've always written sexy stories.  When I was at school and the other kids were filling their spare time with sport and after school clubs, I was writing Jackie Collins style exposes of the school, thinly disguising real people as my characters.  I was always writing, much happier in my own creative world than reality.

My first published story was called Love Hurts and appeared in a British magazine called Overload.  I recently found a box of my old magazines in the garage containing that issue of Overload but I couldn't bring myself to reread Love Hurts.  I don't like to look back.  I prefer to keep moving forward with new projects and ideas.

While I'm eternally grateful for the early publishing success I had, I always felt a little restricted by the guidelines and rules imposed by the publishers.  In the last two years since I started publishing my own books I feel a much greater freedom with what I write.  The kind of books I like to write aren't currently in fashion.  I have been tempted to pursue the erotic romance genre (or M/M fiction) knowing that it appeals to a much wider readership but it's not really for me.  I love romance and a lot of my stories have romantic elements to them, but the constant romance is too restricting.  Sometimes romance isn't necessary -- it's all about fucking.

My favourite way to write:
When I'm starting a new project I often find the easiest way to get going is to work in long hand.  It's a much slower and more focused way to begin.  Once I've unlocked the characters and the tone, usually after about three or four chapters, I'm free to write directly to my laptop.  I love the stage when the story is really flowing and you can't get the words out fast enough.

I prefer to write at home, in the kitchen rather than my study, but I carry a note book wherever I go, so I'm prepared if inspiration strikes.

My favourite authors:
There are too many to mention.  I love James Herbert, Stephen King, Anais Nin, Josh Lanyon, Mark Billingham, Kealan Patrick Burke, Val McDermid, Kevin Killian, Dale Chase and dozens more.  I love to read and will try most books and genres.

But the author who has probably had the biggest influence on me is Jackie Collins.  I've been a fan of her books for as long as I can remember.  She is a huge inspiration.  I love how she can consistently turn out gripping and entertaining novels year after year.  And when other big name authors lend their names to ghost written novels to meet demand, Jackie continues to write her own novels her own way.  She's amazing.

My favourite films:
Basic Instinct is my all time favourite film.  That movie inspires me more than anything else I've seen.  I love every about it.  Sharon Stone's character of Catherine Tramell even had a hand in me choosing my pen name, but you'll have to be a real fan of the film to understand why.  I love it.

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