Friday 20 January 2012


It’s been a busy couple of weeks with two main priorities:

- the publication of Body Language
- writing my new novel.

The manuscript for Body Language is all set to go. The final step in formatting the book was to transfer the digital edition onto my Kindle to check that everything looked the way it should and that there had been no formatting errors in the transition from Word document to e-book.

The results look fantastic and I’m very happy with the finished e-book. The ten stories that form the main body of the book vary in style and tone taking in themes of adultery, submission, vampirism, afternoon liaisons and long term affairs. It’s a pacy, sexually charged collection and I can’t wait for people to start reading it.

The book will go live on Amazon on Friday 27th January. Next week, to coincide with the books release, I’ll be posting a brand new story right here on this blog. Killing Time is not included in the book and will be available to download as an exclusive PDF e-book.

Work on my new novel is underway. Despite all the other distractions I’ve had since New Year I’ve been very strict about hitting my daily target of a minimum of three pages per day throughout the week, six to nine pages on Friday. While that might not seem like a lot to some other writers, it’s a steady progression for me and after just two weeks forty pages have been completed. Not bad going. With a bit of stamina and determination I’m aiming to finish the first draft around April or May.

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