Saturday 12 October 2013


I've just published my new story The Leather and the Flesh.

Leather commands. The flesh surrenders.

In a remote mountain village, handsome student JR submits to the training of Sir Blake and his exacting staff of demanding studs.

JR learns the hard way to surrender his body for the ultimate pleasure of other men. He must be always willing, always ready for the oral and anal fulfillment of his masters. It's more than a matter of learning for JR. He wants to be the perfect bottom and whatever challenge Sir Blake sets him, he's determined to prove his worth.



The Leather and the Flesh is a 13000 word BDSM story. Longer then a short story but not quite a novella, it's available at the special low price. In terms of raunch this is pretty out there. Maybe the raunchiest thing I've ever done. Spanking, leather, gang bangs, dildos, daddies: it's got it all then some. I'm really pleased with it and hope others enjoy it.

I've also got another longer length story called Midnight Screening which I'll publish in eBook next month. It's almost finished -- just requiring a final polish and art work.

I'm pleased to be get The Leather and the Flesh out there as I have a bit of down time coming up. At the end of the month I've got a significant but dreaded birthday coming up (the big 4 Oh) so I'm heading off to sea to get away from it all for a couple of weeks. I can't wait. Two weeks on a luxury cruise to just chill out and over indulge. Sun, wine, travel; it doesn't get much better. I'll be taking my Kindle with me and am looking forward to some great reads.

Hopefully 40 won't be that bad. I've seen a lot of friends hit the big number this year and they were all far more stressed than I feel. I'm not that bothered. I found the prospect of turning 30 way more stressy. I accepted the fact I was a boring old fart six or seven years ago, so the official start of middle age is no big deal. Besides as I'm keen to emphasize in my stories : older men are hot.

See you all soon
Thom x

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