Thursday 18 June 2020

INDULGE Volume 2 Gallery

Indulge Volume 2 is out now. If you enjoyed the stories in the book you might like to check out the gallery below if the original magazines where they first appeared.

1: Did It Again. Indulge For Men Issue 032. September 1998. Cover Model: Derek Cameron.

2: Drunk. Indulge For Men Issue 046. January 2002. Cover Model: Simon Church. Artist: Kent

3: Power Bottom. Inches June 2002.  Cover model: Donvan. Artist: Steven B'Way

4: Rendezvous At Sunset. In Touch For Men Issue 301. Ju;y 2002. Cover model: Oleg Vorobyiew. Artist: ean Platter.

5: Tony's Fuck House. In Touch For Men Issue 310. August 2003. Cover model: Joshua Berlin. Artist: Rene Capone

INDULGE Volume 2 Is available now

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