Friday 11 November 2011


It’s with regret that I have to announce a slight delay in the publication of Bedtime Stories.  The e-book should have been available on Amazon from Monday 14th November.   Unfortunately an arson attack on my office has meant a delay in the final stages of uploading the book to Amazon.  I intend to make the delay as slight as possible and am working full out to  have the book on line my Monday 21st November – only one week late.

In the meantime here is part two of my interview with the wonderful Kevin Killian.

Part Two

Story 3: The Dump

Kevin: In "The Dump" the narrator answers a post on a blog to come and "Pump and Dump" a load during the blogger's three-night weekend party. Just come to the door, it will sway open unlocked, no conversation, just come in and fuck me and leave. The promise of a gorgeous and unguarded arse lures our narrator into a seedy paradise. Does he go tempted by the idea that other men will have been there before him and after him?

Thom: I think the allure of a one bottom gang bang must be in knowing you're stuffing your dick into sloppy seconds, thirds etc. It's all part of the experience. Different things turn on different people. I once met a man in a sauna who didn't want to fuck a tight hole - he was only interested in messed up, sloppy orifices.

Kevin: I'm not keen on this fetish, but you write so viscerally that I feel like I'm there and despite myself, I'm getting turned on. Next time I see a half-open door and hear what you call the "rhythmic fuck-slap  of skin against skin," I'm going in What's the appeal to this setup, Mr. Wolf?

Thom: There's a lot of stuff on line that really plays up the come loaded/breeding aspect of this kind of scenario. I have really mixed and contradictory feelings about this kind of scene. On one hand it's quite hot to see a cute guy being used so mercilessly for a fuck, but on the other it's insanely dangerous. Who in their right mind wants to die for the sake of a sexual thrill? I wanted to write a slutty bottom story in that mold, without fetishising the "bareback" elements of the tale. There is something inherently sexy about being used by men in this way; no romance, no chat, no dinner, they don't even care if you enjoy it or not - they just want to fuck you.

There's a famous hotel in Blackpool that has gained a sleazy reputation over the years for this kind of behaviour. Guests are encouraged to leave their bedroom doors open and see what the night brings them. The idea of the advertising your arse over a blog comes direct from real life when I saw just such a blog entry from a young man inviting strangers to pay him a visit for no other reason than to rape him. I think its the danger I find so exiting (in fiction); the contrast between sex and death. In reality I want the chat, romance and dinner.

Story 4:  Bedtime Story

Kevin: In "Bedtime Story" our hero writes himself into an erotic frenzy, pounding the laptop with a story about sex in a farmhouse with an available twink. Just when he finishes the draft, there's a dramatic pounding on his front door. I love the image of the writer getting aroused from his own writing. It's almost as if he has summoned his midnight visitor out of his own imagination—a theme you have explored before in your first novel Words Made Flesh. Any comments?

Thom:  I hadn't really made the connection between Bedtime Story and Words Made Flesh. In Flesh the midnight visitor is literary creation brought to life, where in Bedtime Gordon is a very real person. Bedtime Story is actually the oldest entry in the book, originally written around 2003, so maybe the horny writer, pounding his fantasies into reality, was a preoccupation of mine at the time. In the old days my working style was very much like we see in the story; a germ of an idea would be bashed out in a frenzied writing session of three or four hours, from start to finish. So I probably got myself in a quite a heightened state of arousal, blurring fantasy and reality. The first draft of Words Made Flesh was written in about four weeks, which sounds impossible.

Nowadays it can take me four weeks just to complete a short story.

Kevin: Again the hero has sex with a married man who comes to him for the kind of sex his wife won't give him. This one time they're about to spend all night together, a first in an affair which takes place on stolen afternoons. Is our hero falling for Gordon? Is there love, or only the animal sex they enjoy together?

Thom:  There’s a bond between them that goes a bit deeper than sex, but I don’t think its love.  I think there’s greed and selfishness on both side of the relationship.  They both want convenient sex and don’t really care where they get it from.  They are just a pair of very horny blokes.

Kevin: Is there a Madonna reference in the name of your "Bedtime Story"?

Thom:  Not really, though I’ve never been shy of stealing song titles in the past.  This story used to be called Coming Back for More, which is probably a different song title.  I changed it to Bedtime Story when I decided on Bedtime Stories as an umbrella title for the collection.  Again, this was my inner geek telling me I had to have a title story to give the collection some coherence.  I can’t get past things like that.

As for Madonna’s Bedtime Stories, that’s my second favourite album of hers, right behind Erotica.  I think a lot of her albums are great when I first hear them but they don’t really stand the test of time.  After a while a usual just play one or two tracks, but Bedtime Stories and Erotica are fab long players and I still listen to the both in full.

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