Thursday 24 November 2011


The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.  How very true.  After months of hard work the eventual publication date of Bedtime Stories continues to shift for more reasons than I care to mention, none of which were foreseen (arson, stress, legalities).  Writing the stories for this collection now seems like the smallest aspect of the process to publication.

However, the good news is the book is just about there and should be uploading to Amazon in the new few days.  I’m also a third of the way through the final proofing of my second story collection Body Language and that is looking very good.  Hopefully it will have an easier journey into the world than its older brother.

In the meantime here is the next instalment of my interview with the wonderful Kevin Killian in which were talk about The Boy in the Middle and Afternoon Interlude.

Story 5: The Boy in the Middle
Kevin: You write so beautifully: “He wore a pair of cheap blue shorts which slipped from his arse with a whisper “ Similarly, “I opened him, looking into the hairy crack, at the rosy pink hole in the black.” Thom, if you still have those cheap, blue, shorts that whisper, could you pack them up and send them to me here in San Francisco. I'm a sucker for a good souvenir.
Thom:  If I had them, you could have them, but I’m not a cheap shorts kind of guy.  And if I was on a sexual mission I would wear my very best “pulling pants”.  You must have got going with a really dishy guy before; it’s all going well, he’s handsome, he’s sexy, you’re cock feels like it’s going to burst, you pulls his trousers down and find . . .  really bad, cheap underwear. 

I once got going with a guy who not only wore cheap nasty pants, but he was wearing them inside out.  All I could wonder was whether he was wearing a dirty pair for a second day.  It was a big turn off.  I’ve never found a way to eroticise that particular encounter.

Kevin:  Seems like there's nothing some boys want more than a good "roasting," plugged up at both ends by a pair of cocks, but I'm wondering, does sex with a third party bring a couple closer together?

Thom:  It definitely can.  I think it’s important for couples to choose another man they both really fancy, who also fancies both of them.  Then it’s wonderful and exciting and a great experience to share.

But if one side of the triangle isn’t too keen on the idea, I wouldn’t even try it.  In those cases a threesome can be a disaster with all kinds of messy repercussions for the relationship. 

My other “golden rule” for couples and threesomes: pick someone who can also take a hint when it’s time to leave.

Kevin:  You're great at delineating this one sort of character, the young man so driven by sex that he starts to lose other parts of his personality.  The boy, Jared, is one of your most unforgettable creations.

 Thom:  Thank you.  There was a lot of Jared in me when I was young.  Thankfully that was a very, very long time ago.  I actually wrote a story that I was going to include in this book but when I came to redraft it, I was appalled at how accurately it portrayed me and some of the men I knew at a difficult time of my life.  It was about 18 years ago and I thought writing about it would be a good way of accepting the past.  But when I came to look at the story again there was no way I could expose myself like that.

I’d rather send Jared into the world; a sexy, glamorised version of the fucked up kid I used to be.

Story 6: Afternoon Interlude

Kevin: Viva Barcelona! Mr. Wolf, have you often crossed borders for the purpose of having sex? Here in the US we have a term for men like you: sex tourists.
Thom: I wouldn't call myself a "sex tourist" but we have a saying too that goes "What happens on holiday stays on holiday", which is a licence to do what the hell you like. I've been lucky enough to go to Barcelona three times and it's a fantastic city. Just being there makes you want sex; the sights, the smells, the culture. And Spanish men are without a doubt, the sexiest in the world.  After my second visit I knew I had to set a story there.  Someday I hope to write a longer, more involve piece about the city.

Kevin: I like it when you speak in the universal language of love, and this story really has a lot of highlights. You said earlier that men in cheap underwear turn you off, but it seems like the geeky nerd look is a real turn-on, especially when the foreign national is wearing chinos moulded to his butt.
Thom: This is another old story, I can't remember but chinos might have made a brief fashion comeback around the time I was writing. They should be a fashion staple in my opinion. Chinos are hot, especially on a beefy bum and sturdy set of thighs. I also love a geeky nerd.

Going off on a tangent here but I get turned on by differences; big and small, black and white, old and young. There are several extremely popular porn sites on line that leave me utterly cold with their narrow view of what they consider to be attractive. I call them the Stepford Twinks; identikit bodies, waxed, hard and white. It's almost as if they keep putting a different head on the exact same body. Who exactly wants to fuck that? It would be like cuddling up to an ironing board. It's rather creepy. I'd much rather see a man with a hairy back, or a slight belly, or a bit of puppy fat on a twink. Between Bedtime Stories and my next collection Body Language I really hope I've succeeded in getting a bit of variety into my men and celebrating difference.

Kevin: The elbows and knees interplay was particularly swift here, and once or twice I had to draw a diagram to see who was on top of whom. You must love the afternoon sun, I loved the hero watching sweat break out on the small of Ettore's back. It's the simplicity of your sense observations that make them powerful--who was it said, that God is "in the details."

Thom: Maybe it's the sun that makes Spain such a gloriously sexy place. Where I live in England we average about one good week of sun per year, which makes a two week holiday to somewhere hot an essential for most Brits.

It's also the little things that make a scene sexy for me, like the sweat on the small of someone’s back. I find that when I'm watching porn too, I focus on the little things; a patch of hair, a freckle, maybe the imprint of a guys underwear in his flesh. I find all those little details arousing. Basically I want anything but the banality of a Stepford Twink.

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