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Today I bring you the final part of my interview with Kevin Killian, in which we discuss the stories Daddy Fuller (my favourite in book) and Night Life, which some of may already have read as a bonus story on this blog.  I'm about to edit the interview into a single file which will avaialbe to read online and download in the next couple of days.

It’s been another busy week, writing a brand new story, while working on the manuscript of my next collection Body Language.  The new book is just about ready and will be available in e-book format from the end of January 2012.  Look out for more information and free promo stories very soon.

Story 10: Daddy Fuller
Kevin: Mr, Wolf, there's a lot of love in your book, mostly sexual in nature, of course, for it is porn, but there is more than a bit of romantic love and nowhere is that expressed so vividly as in the intergenerational romance of Daddy Fuller. Where do you see love fitting in to the more complicated and imprinted patterns of a man's sexual life?

Thom: That's a huge question. Wow. I can only really speak for myself but when I was young, love was everything. I didn't want to have sex with a man I wasn't totally in love with. That was certainly the case for my first sexual experiences. Then as I got a bit older, it was more about the sex - having lots of it. Not even knowing my partners name, let alone being in love with them. I spent a few years, like a lot of men do, getting that phase out of my system. And now, in my late 30's it feels like I've come full circle, with love and emotion being absolutely integral to sex again.

Kevin: Are we to imagine Daddy Fuller and Jimmy as a couple, or is this just a one time thing? I won't spoil the surprise ending, but Daddy Fuller allows his boy a much greater liberty than we usually see in this sort of older man/younger man story. Might be the biggest gasp of surprise in the book!

Thom: Again, this is just my opinion, a reader might take away something different, but the events in Daddy Fuller are the beginning of something wonderful for the characters. I definitely see them as a couple. It might not be the easiest of relationships, because they have such different life experiences, but they have a very strong emotional connection. Intergenerational porn stories tend to be very one dimensional, focusing on the eroticism of older man and boy. "Whose ya daddy?" kind of thing. In reality it’s a very complicated thing, so many issues surrounding maturity, experience, insecurity. I definitely wanted to incorporate some of that into my story - as well as getting in some great man/boy sex.

In one of my earlier books a fictional character comes to life and visits the author who created him. If any of the characters in Bedtime Stories wanted to cross over from fiction to reality and pay me a visit, I definitely want it to be Daddy Fuller.

Kevin: The story is unusual also in that it begins with a gruesome accident which seems to release in both man and boy a yearning for something pure and spiritual, as well as make them right horny. I have always admired your work for taking chances and you have never disappointed me.

Bonus Story: Night Life
Kevin: The steamy, sensual "Night Life" is a bonus story in more than one way. It is almost like two stories wrapped in one. In the first, set backstage at a gentlemen's strip club, the characters perform a charade of public sex, with the spice that it might come real at any given moment. Yet the management would frown on its employees actually getting it on with customers. The second story is private, intimate, with one stripper, Matt, getting drawn into the bed of a pair of cousins, Hungarian men, one older, one barely legal. You have convinced me now that Hungarians are the sexiest men on the planet, but Matt is pretty frisky himself and he's 100% English I suppose.

Thom: Matt is English, yeah. Actually I've never met any Hungarian men. This is one of those stories that came to life from a photo shoot in a porn mag with a Hungarian model. Often I can look at a man in a photograph and the image will act as a muse to my imagination. The photographs have nothing to do with what happens in the story; it was just a starting point - the image of a beautiful man that inspires the tale.

Kevin: I wonder if this started as two stories, or whether the first led organically to the second. You had me from the moment Matt met Joszef in the sleazy club toilet. Dare I ask if you've ever been stuffed from both ends like the boy in the story? Or are you too much a professional to say? Never mind, we interviewers have to "take chances" too.

Thom: It wasn't two short stories but an attempt to structure a short story in two acts, a bit like a play or a stage show. As you point out the first act is all centre stage and public, with the second act taking place backstage.

Without elaborating too much on your final question Kevin, the answer is - yes, of course. In reality, it's not as easy as we make it out to be either. Too much going on and like a lot of men, I'm not great multi-tasker.

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