Tuesday 26 March 2013


My new eBook Watching Henry Lawton is available right now on Amazon and Smashwords and should be hitting other on-line retailers in the next week or two.  Watching Henry Lawton is a novella length story of 28,000 words.  It explores a young man’s obsession with exhibitionism and his kinky relationship with an older photographer.  Henry loves to show off his body – especially his big juicy butt – and Iain Stirling loves to watch him.
Available from:
I hope you enjoy the new book.  It’s just the right length if you’re looking for a fast and sexy read.
Other news:  My writing hasn’t quite gone the way I planned since finishing Henry Lawton.  The longer length novel I wanted to start wasn’t ready to thrill me.  The outline needs a little more attention and my research could use more time.  It’s a big book I and I don’t want to dive into it unprepared.  Instead I’ve been working on a couple of stories for next erotic collection.
I’ve also decided to spend some time on my other genre writing.  I’ve had most success with erotic fiction but I also love horror, particularly ghost stories.  I woke up a couple of weeks ago from a particularly scary and disturbing dream.  I wrote it all down the next day and my imagination took over, developing a modern day ghost story.  I’m right at the point that I want to dive in and take it further.  My subconscious is doing a lot of the work and the characters are beginning to form.  I’ve got some time off work this month so I want to work on those ideas and see what develops.  I’m not sure yet what it’s going to be – a short story, novella or full length novel – but it will be fun finding out.