Friday 1 March 2013


All of my e-books are now available in standard digital formats to suit most e-readers, including the free e-book Ryan’s Secret. Previously the books were exclusive to Amazon and Kindle but are now listed at Smashwords in multiple formats including Kindle, EPUB, PDF, RTF etc.

Check them out right: here

The books will appear on sites including Barnes and Noble, I-tunes etc in the coming weeks.

Thanks to everyone who has downloaded and enjoyed Ryan’s Secret. If you enjoyed the story please take a few minutes to post your on-line reviews. However brief, every review and rating helps.

All of my books are now available digitally with the exception of my 2003 novel The Chain. As it’s the 10th anniversary of the book I want to do something special for its digital release: a special edition which will feature the original text together with a 2013 “reboot” including new scenes and related short stories. The tentative publication date for this new edition of The Chain is August 2013.

The other exciting news if that my new novella WATCHING HENRY LAWTON is almost ready to go. I’ve just completed the third draft of the book which I started writing last autumn. Watching Henry Lawton is a raunchy story of obsession, voyeurism and spanking featuring two very sexy characters Henry Lawton and Iain Stirling. I became more than a little infatuated with Henry and his voluptuous arse when writing the story and I hope many of you will too. I’m working on the format and artwork right now and the book will be released just in time for Easter. I’ll post further information right here over the next few weeks.

I’m also busy making plans for my next books. In a slight change of pace and genre my next erotic project will be a gay romance (M/M). There will still be plenty of raunchy sex but I want to write something that is more focused on the relationship between two men as they fall in love. One of my favourite short stories is Daddy Fuller in Bedtime Stories where I touched upon love and romance and I want to explore those themes in a larger, more detailed storyline. Right now it’s shaping up to be something of novella length, but the story and characters could still dictate something bigger.  Who knows; I certainly don't which is part of the fun and excitement.

I’ve also written a couple of short stories for my third, as yet untitled story collection.

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