Thursday 13 February 2014


 My new ebook is all set for publication next week - 21st February. All of the hard work is done and the manuscript has been proofed and formatted ready for launch. Just one last proof read remaining and it'll be good to go.

As the book is set in 1969 on the set of a spaghetti western, I thought I'd dedicate this weeks update to the handsome men of those 1960s Italian cowboy pictures. The kind of men who inspired this book. My own wild west hero’s.


Top of the list. My absolute favourite. Clint Eastwood might be the most famous but Franco was by far the sexiest of the spaghetti studs to put on a pair of dusty chaps.


Born in Parma, Italy, Franco's acting career has covered just about every genre from western, thrillers to musicals. But he'll always be remembered as the original and best actor to take on the legendary role of Django (1966). I fell in love the first time I saw his stunning blue eyes stare out from beneath the rim of his cowboy hat.



Terrence was the second actor to take on the role of Django in Django Prepare a Coffin (1967). Cast because of his remarkable resemblance to Franco Nero, Terrence certain had the looks and the piercing eyes to follow Nero's hunky original.



Originally from Uruguay, George's Latin good looks made him a natural for the European film scene of the 1960's. He made his spaghetti western début in 1966 with Franco Nero in the movie Massacre Time – two hot studs for the price of one.

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Italian native, George Eastman was a giant at 6ft 9in. His huge frame often him saw him cast as villains and henchman, notably in Django Prepare a Coffin with the dishy Terrence Hill.

As the above post shows I love spaghetti westerns and the macho men who stared in them. The four hunks above are nothing but the tip of the iceberg. Check out some of the trailers on youtube and see if you can find some favourites of your own.


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