Friday 31 January 2014

Announcing: WILD WEST HERO

I've been going on about it for long enough. Today I'm finally ready to reveal the details of my next release Wild West Hero.

BLURB: 1969. A cast of handsome actors gather in Spain to film an action packed spaghetti western. For newcomer Eddie Drake, it’s the chance of a life time. After an undistinguished career in television, he’s finally landed a lead role in a movie. Eddie’s modern good looks perfectly represent the new breed of wild west hero. His agent confidently predicts he could be the next Clint Eastwood.

For Hank Kinney the movie marks a depressing career low. He’s been a leading man in some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters for over twenty years. But now he’s reduced to making low budget European trash. It’s a come down too far.

Eddie idolised Hank when he was growing up but barely recognises this bitter hell raiser as the idol of his teens. Hank still possesses the matinee idol good looks that made him a star, but alcohol and regret have made him an angry, difficult figure. Eddie’s focus is on the film. He can’t get sidetracked by Hank’s messy emotions, no matter how hot he finds him. He already has the distraction of Sandro, his sexy Italian co-star. Young, ballsy and damned near insatiable – Sandro is a full time stud.

Under blazing heat and the tension of a tight schedule, tempers and passion runs high. Behind the scenes, the ride is wilder than anything the film makers could bring to the screen.

So there you have it. The book is in pretty good shape. All major revisions complete, it's at the proof reading stage and everything is looking good for the 21st February publication. That date isn't entirely written in stone – there's always something that could go wrong – but it's pretty realistic. Disasters aside I can't see any reason that it won't be ready for then.

I must admit I love this book. It's possibly my favourite (though I shouldn't have such things) of the stories I've produced since going it alone as an indie author. Maybe because I'm so interested in the movies that came out of Italy in the 60s, 70s and 80s. Not just westerns but their thrillers and horror movies. There's something quite surreal and other worldly about those films, I can't get enough. But its the cowboys that really stir my loins. Those sexy Latin stunners in their chaps and hats; deeply tanned and handsome, taking a good beating. Wow. I'll put together a gallery of some of my favourite cowboys in the run up to the books release and post them right here.

Other news: In between drafts of Wild West Hero and plans for the paperback publication of collected novellas, I've been working on a short story for my third collection. I'm tentatively planning a follow up to Bedtime Stories and Body Language later this year. There's no release date in mind yet, I'm just writing stories between longer projects, and will go ahead with the book once I've got 10 to 12 really strong pieces. Currently there are 6 stories that are good to go. I haven't finished the latest yet but have a good feeling that it will make the grade. It might even be the title story – but its too early for spoilers.

Though here's a sneak peak of what I've been working on today:

There's only one week left on the Watching Henry Lawton price promotion. Don't miss out.

That's it for this week. Miserable weekend of weather ahead. I hope things are better where ever you are. Take care and stay safe.

Thom XX

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