Saturday 5 July 2014


Being Monday 7th July and running through until Friday 11th July the e-book of my novella Midnight Screening will be available for free at Amazon. If you haven't already read this story, don't miss out in this limited give away. And don't forget to leave your reviews at Amazon afterwards.  It all helps.

In his youth Blake Powell was an actor, the handsome star of a dozen teen movies. Now in his forties, he still possesses the matinee idol good looks that made him a star back then. But movies and acting are all in the past, these days Blake is an acclaimed chef and restaurateur. Despite the success of his second career, his personal life is not so steady. His boyfriend Charlie is into drink, drugs and boys half his age. Blake has had enough.

The invitation to be guest of honour at a special screening of one of his movies is just what Blake needs: a short break away from Charlie. One of his early films The Burning Man has transcended its roots as a cheap horror film to become a cult favourite. Two decades later the film has reached a new audience of enthusiastic fans.

Twenty year old student Tim Aston is one of those fans. From the first time he saw the film, the naked image of screen hunk Blake has fuelled a million fantasies. Tim can't resist the opportunity. The late night screening will allow him to meet his idol at last.

Only Blake is not the same as the fresh faced hunk on screen. Older, smarter, sexier; Blake Powell is more handsome than ever. And Tim's fantasies are about to come true.

A scorching novella from the author of The Sex Cabaret and The Leather and the Flesh. Approximately 13K words.



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