Friday 1 August 2014


Three of my ebooks which were previously exclusive to Amazon Kindle are going to available for all ebook readers. The Leather and the Flesh is available now at Smashwords and all major ebook sellers, with Midnight Screening and Wild West Hero following over the next few days.

Over the summer I've been working on my third collection of short stories. The project is going really well with 11 stories complete. Because I'm aiming for a paperback as well as ebook release for this set, it's going to be longer than Bedtime Stories or Body Language. Depending on length the finished book will contain between 13 to 15 stories. So far the shortest story is around 2500 words and the longest 10000. So there's a lot of scope and variety. I'm still not ready to share the title until the book is finished – I've come the conclusion that there's something in that old writers superstition about jinxing a project by talking about it too soon.

I've also (finally) come round to thinking about The Chain. As you know I've been toying with the idea of an ebook release for my old 2003 novel but haven't have the balls to look at it. I once thought I might rewrite the entire novel and put out a brand new edition but I'd much rather spend my time working on new stories than revisiting old ones. The Chain was originally published to the very tight deadline. I had six weeks to write and edit it for publication. What came out was little more than a polished first draft. So rather than completely rewrite the book as I once thought, I've decided not to change it but give it the through second draft I didn't have time for in 2003. I'm looking at a very loose publication date of late 2014/early 2015. I kind of fell out of love with The Chain for a long time but I'm beginning to look back on it with more affection and feeling those old passions stir.

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