Friday 31 July 2015

THE EXHIBITIONIST: Erotic Stories. A New Ebook


I mentioned in my last blog that I was using the downtime between drafts of my new novel to get back to the dirty stuff that I've always been known for. I've used that time productively – porn always seems to come to me in a series of highly concentrated bursts [– and it's been a busy two weeks. My intention was to put together a one off collection in an ebook. But when I sat down to sort through the short stories I've written over the last two years I found what I actually had was material for three themed collections. The first of which I'm launching this weekend.

Kicking things off is The Exhibitionist. It seems only natural, given how much I've written about exhibitionism since I started back in the early 1990's. I'm not sure why this should be the subject I've returned to so often. I was a bit of a show off in my younger days but not at all now. Maybe I got it out of my system; dancing with my shirt off in sweaty night clubs (that's never gonna happen again) or trawling naked round Spanish sex clubs . Or maybe by writing about sex and sexuality, I don't feel the need to display myself quite so readily. Just glancing back quickly through my old titles I've written about so many exhibitionists: Henry Lawton, Daniel Higgins and Alfie Garcia in The Sex Cabaret, Charlie in The Chain, and dozens of other characters on my short fiction.

What is it about taking it off in public that we find so exciting? These days, it seems like everyone is at it; on Facebook, Twitter, X-tube or Flickr, everyone is showing off their hard cocks or open buttholes. I've always found still images sexier than film, but if that's too old fashioned there are plenty of cam sites where we can broadcast our entire sex lives to the world. And I'm surprised how many people do. Ten, fifteen years ago, guys used to worry what would happen if their movies or pictures were revealed to work colleagues or families. Not any more. Joyfully, proudly, people are happy to put themselves out there.

I don't claim to understand it. I just know it turns me on and I love to explore it through my characters and stories.


Exhibitionism. Showing off. Revealing everything. Meet the men who hold nothing back.
Oscar has a body that was made to be seen. Twenty years old and physically perfect, he’s only ever happy when someone is watching. He’s THE EXHIBITIONIST. In the isolated basement of an abandoned building, two strangers meet to appease their hunger for rough, animalistic sex.
From locker rooms to private parties, offices to commuter trains, Thom Wolf conjures up a torrent of sexual encounters between uninhibited men for whom exhibitionism isn’t a fetish – it’s a way of life.
Five erotic stories from the author of The Chain and The Sex Cabaret.
Included in this collection:
Working Boy
Secret Basement
The Exhibitionist
Sharing the Bill
All I See

The book officially goes live on Amazon tomorrow 1st August 2015 but may be available earlier. I'll post the links right here once the book is up for sale.

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