Thursday 16 July 2015


Today I completed the second draft of a novel I started planning last November and began writing in January. It's been a long and intensive process, so apologies for the lack of updates. It's been around four months since my last blog post and the final chapter of Conner Blue. That's bad, even by my standards. Writing the novel has been an absolute pleasure but it was hard work and required a lot of focus. This is longest book I've written at 85,000 words. When I'm really involved in a project I struggle to juggle other writing. I wish I one of those writers who have several projects ticking away at one time, who produce a new book every couple of months and manage to write extensive blog entries every couple of days. Unfortunately, I'm not. The fact that I write all my first drafts in long hand, only slows things down further. I feel like I'm coming up for air after a long time underwater.

The new book is a departure for me. It's my first “non-porn” novel. There are sex scenes (I haven't given up entirely) but they are not the focal point of the story, in the same way as The Sex Cabaret or The Chain. If I had to apply a label, I'd say it's a M/M novel, but that's not strictly true either. Anyone looking for M/M angst or lovers who do nothing but argue and fuck, won't find them here. So what is it? It's inspired by the kind of books I've always loved, those steamy 70s and 80s novels by Harold Robbins and Jackie Collins. Those thrilling page turners, filled with sex, danger and glamour. A M/M Bonkbuster is probably the best way to describe it, if there can be such a thing.

Because it's so different to what I've done before, I've got a new pen name lined up and will be looking for a traditional publisher. It's not like any of the books that are in vogue right now, so placing it could be a hard task. I'm going to give it a good push for six months and if I don't find an interested publisher it in that time, then I'll go down the indie route.

But right now, in the down time between drafts, I'm ready to dive back into the dirty world of porn. I've been a good boy for so long, I'm ready to get filthy. The Exhibitionist is a collection of short stories coming to ebook on 1st August. I'll post a more detailed update about this book next week but in the meantime check out the cover below.

If you can't wait that long for a horny fix, I'm running a promotion at Amazon on Wild West Hero between 17th and 24th July. For this week only my spaghetti western novella will be available to USA and UK readers for 99c/99p. If you haven't already checked it out, please do. It's my personal favourite of all my porn stories.

Amazon UK

Amazon USA

I've kept a low profile so far this year, just trying to get my novel finished, but I've got a lot of new stuff lined up between now and Christmas. I've got a batch of short stories that I'm editing into three themed collections. They should come out at a rate of one every two months, starting with The Exhibitionist on 1st August.

In the meantime I'm taking a weekend off. The bright lights of Blackpool are calling and I'm in the mood to celebrate.

Love Thom xxx

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