Thursday 9 January 2014


I've just published the 2nd ebook edition of my novella Watching Henry Lawton. The content of the book remains the same, but the big difference is a brand new cover. Why? Well the character of Henry Lawton is based on a real person. When the book first came out last year I struggled to find a model who personified the dark, voluptuous good looks of the character. While the guy on the 1st edition is an undeniable hottie, he was never really my Henry. But while I was looking at models for the cover my next book Wild West Hero, I came across a young man who is as close as double for the gorgeous Henry as I've ever seen. I couldn't resist redoing the book with my new discovery. Watching Henry Lawton now has exactly the cover I want for it. I hope you agree.

Wild West Hero is almost done and on track to hit the estimated 25-30K word count. Having written novels and short stories, I find that the novella is the perfect length for erotic fiction, as both a reader and a writer. It offers just enough room for character, story development and some scorching sex scenes, without padding or repetition. The first draft will be finished in the next week and I can't wait to share it. I won't waste any time with this one and intend to get right on with the second draft after a couple of days off. My provisional publication date is mid February. I'll pin that down to a definite date once the second draft is finished.

I've got some serious price promotions planned over the coming weeks so check back on Friday 17th January for information on the first special offer.



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