Friday 17 January 2014


As promised I'm starting this week with a promotion. Not just a promotion but a freebie. Starting tomorrow – Saturday 18th January, The Leather and the Flesh is on a promotional give away via Amazon. These Amazon promotions only last for five days so don't miss out if you haven't already read this short and kinky novella.

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Others News: I've completed the first draft my novella Wild West Hero. Set in 1969 the story takes place in Spain on the movie set of a Spaghetti western. Writing this has been so much fun. Not least cause it gave me an excuse to watch dozens of Euro westerns from that era and reveal in the beauty of guys like Franco Nero and Terence Hill. I'm already working on the second draft and hope to publish the ebook very soon – mid to late February. Wild West Hero is currently around 28,000 words, the perfect length for a sexy read.

I'm also working towards a paperback collection of the novellas that have previously only published in ebook format. This will include: Wild West Hero, Watching Henry Lawton, The Leather and the Flesh and Midnight Screening. The target for this late spring. I'll update with news on this project over the coming weeks.

I've currently got lots of other ideas brewing for later this spring. I'm already working on another longer story and developing the characters for a new novel. My note book is crammed with new ideas and I'm really excited about fleshing them all out.

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