Tuesday 21 October 2014

THE CHAIN Available Now

This is a long overdue update.  I have a few good excuses for not blogging.  First of which – The Chain is now available in ebook and print on demand paperback. This has been a very long time coming I procrastinated and delayed this new edition for the best part of two years but it's finally done - re-edited, proofed, formatted – and now it's done. And despite all that, I actually had a great time re-visting a story that first took shape way back in 2000 and was published in paperback by Zipper Books in November 2003. When the rights reverted to me I had all kind of crazy ideas about what to do with the book. I intended to completely rewrite and update it at first but resisted that idea. So what we now how is a slightly polished version of the original with a hot new cover.

On a visit to the north of England Dale Summer joins a group where anything is possible and soon becomes entangled in a complex web of obsession. He develops a fixation on one of the members this unusual club - a young married man with an insatiable appetite for extreme sex. Soon Dale is in over his head. Where will it end and how far is he prepared to go?

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I also finished the last story for what will be my third short story collection Everyone Is Naked on the Internet.  I was aiming for a winter 2014 publication but now I've bumped up The Chain, this new book will most likely appear early in 2015.  I need to rewrite some of the stories and begin the formatting process for paperback and ebook but having done it once with The Chain, I'm less daunted about the process this time. I've already designed the cover so there's no reason this won't be ready for Jan/Feb 2015.

Of course editing, formatting, cover design etc are my least favourite part of the process.  It's the writing that I love the most and I've already started a new project.  A lot of my recent work has drifted into the M/M romance market - mainly because that's what is popular right now and more straight women buy gay books then gay men. But I don't want to get sucked into the trap of writing for that market all the time.  RevisitingThe Chain reminded me of a time when gay erotica was aimed squarely at the horny male market. My next book is going right back to basics - the kind of hard, gritty sex I used to write in those long dead 1990s porn magazines. I'm horny and ready to go.

Putting The Chain behind me.

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