Friday 14 November 2014


Early this year I began writing a rugby themed novella called The Players only to abandon it two thirds of the way through when I didn't know how to bring it to a satisfying conclusion. I started writing without planning the story in advance and as always happens when I try to wing it, I got lost. Most of my abandoned work is stuff I've started without an outline.  The Players was something a little different. More of a M/M story focusing on relationships rather than full on sex (though there is still plenty of hot sex in there).  It was something outside my comfort zone and around the 12k word point  I got stuck with it and moved on to work on a batch of short stories. I'd pretty much written off The Players as a failed experiment and didn't give the story or the characters another thought. Or so it seemed.
Last week, out of the blue  I woke up and suddenly knew how the final third of the story should play out. It's funny how that happens -- I hadn't been consciously thinking about that story at all --  and quite wonderful when it does.  So I reread the partially completed draft and picked right back up where I'd left off.  All being good I'll have a complete first draft in another week.  It's still very much a M/M drama/romance rather than my regular gay erotica. So much so that I'm wondering whether to use a new pen name for the finished novella. I've been kicking around another idea that if successful will develop into a M/M thriller. The M/M stuff, while still pretty hot, is different enough from my regular work that it doesn't sit comfortably to put it out as a Thom Wolf book.  I'm still not sure.  I have a pen name in mind but I'm not ready to commit to it just yet. What's that you say? ... Write the frigging stories first.  Too right! So I need to get the words down on paper and make a decision about how I'm going to market them in (gulp) 2015.
I intend being a lot more focused next year and managing my time much better. It's not always easy. I have another job and also run a small property business. But writing is my passion. I think about stories when I go to bed at night and I'm still thinking about them when I wake up in the morning. I just need a more productive method of getting those stories written. I'm still pretty old school and do all my first drafts in long hand. So maybe that should be my new years resolution – to get with the modern world and write straight onto my lap top. My goal for 2015 is to write one long novel and two novellas.
In the mean time The Chain is out there now. I love the new paperback edition. Ebooks are definitely a wonderful thing, but it's something special for a writer to be able to hold an old fashioned book in their hands. Or maybe that's just me. Old fashioned.

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