Friday 5 December 2014


The ebook of my novel The Sex Cabaret will be availabe through out December at a special low price. $1.22 for US readers and 77p for UK readers.

BLURB: Young and naive, Daniel Higgins, is drawn into a world that will challenge his inhibitions and ideals. Taking a job at The Viaduct, he is introduced to The Sex Cabaret -- a spectacle of erotica and exhibitionism like nothing he has seen before.

Clive Bronsan is a successful lawyer, happy with his family and achievements, until a visit to the cabaret reveals what has been missing from his life. When the curtains rises, everything Clive holds important will be changed forever.

Alfie Garcia's drop dead looks have made him the biggest gay porn star in Europe and the cabaret's reigning show boy. Men travel from all over the country to see him perform, but are any of them really interested in the man behind the visage?

As the lives these characters intertwine sex, love, desire, jealousy, fame, ambition and violence all play their part in a highly charge novel of eroticism and sensuality.

Three fates collide when the curtain goes up on The Sex Cabaret.

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